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 Rain can strike at anytime and leaks can become a problem. We offer a 24 hour emergency call out service, 7 days a week. We aim to be at your home with in 3 hours

We are one of the most reviewed roofing company's online. Our workmanship & customer services are the best in the business 

Flat Roofs

We have been replacing & repairing flat roofs for over 30 years to a very high standard. We can start by calling round to your home and carrying out a full survey of your flat roof. We then send a detailed quotation by email which you can read over and if you accept we then book you in. We pride ourself in working to the best standard possible and on all new flat roofs come with a 20 year guarantee

Felt Roofs

Epdm roofs

Grp Roofs

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Information about our flat roofs

Grp Roofs

Safer Installations - GRP Roofing requires no complicated machinery and in most cases does not require heat equipment resulting in safer installations and reduced risk of on-site accidents

Durability and Strength - Most fibreglass roofs have a life expectancy of 20 years once they have been installed correctly

Flexibility - Choose from a variety of trims to suit the roof build. Materials can also be easily cut to suit the shape of the roof

Waterproof - Has no seams

Resistant to weathering - Waterproof Topcoat finish

Felt roofs


One benefit to felt is that it’s light-weight. This means that you can fit it on smaller, weaker structures like sheds, as well as more robust buildings.


Another advantage to felt is that it’s inexpensive. It’s much more affordable than other roofing materials like asphalt, rubber, fibreglass and PVC.


Another reason why people choose felt is because it’s repairable. If it gets worn or torn, it’s easy to torch a new felt patch over the damaged area.


Epdm roofs

A Lightweight Material. An EPDM rubber membrane is incredibly lightweight, meaning it won’t strain the integrity of your flat roof.

Fantastic Waterproofing Properties. Unlike felt and other common flat roof materials, the rubber membrane of a flat roof won’t get compromised by heavy rain.

Cost-Effective flat Roof Material. The rubber membrane is much cheaper to manufacture, produce and install, meaning you won’t have to spend a fortune on buying it

Low Maintenance, Long-Lasting. With little maintenance required, and very cheap to repair, by opting for an EPDM rubber roof for your flat roof, you’ll rest easy knowing that your shed roof will be protected for up to 20 years. 

Here are some flat roofs we have replaced

Does My Flat Roof Need Replacing

When it comes to buying or living in a home with a flat roof, some people are unsure what to expect. You might have been told that flat roofs can be a big problem or risk – but, elsewhere, there are firm beliefs that flat roofs can stand the test of time when installed correctly. Better materials are on the market now which means we can now guarantee flat roofs for a minimum of 25 years, helping our customers can rest assured the flat roof will not become a problem. One thing you should consider when you want to replace the flat roof is the number of years since the roof was installed. Most flat roofs can be repaired if the leak is caught early and the are a number of ways to do this. Felt is the easiest roof to repair as you can always put a layer on top of the exsisting felt to repair it but this type of repair wont last more than 2 years. It is always advised to remove all layers of felt and re-board if necessary. If you see any of the list below this could mean your roof needs attention

Water damage in your home - Lifting or badly stuck joints - Blisters or bumps - Condition of the roof deck substrate - Incorrect installation of flat roof - Plant growth - Rotten parts of the roof - pools of water

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We have been voted the best roofers in Leeds for 3 years now and this is down to us taking our job to the next level

We are a family run business with a vast amount of experiance which we have picked up over the years. We offer free estimates & advice on all projects, we're experienced professionals that can help on all aspects of roofing from guttering, flat roof work, roof repairs and new roofs. We are a company that has passionate and enthusiastic people, we strive to provide you with the highest level of service whenever we can. With a reputation for carrying out all roofing services to the highest standard, you can trust our team of experts to fix your damaged roof no matter how complex the job may be.