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Wessex Interlocking Tiles

Updated: May 23, 2023

The Wessex by Marley is an outstanding low pitch alternative; it is an interlocking tile with clean, uncomplicated designs.

All of Marley's interlocking concrete tiles, including the Wessex, have been certified as meeting the stringent requirements for an A+ rating in the Green Guide to Specification published by the Building Research Establishment.

Marley has been in business for almost a century, making it the leading supplier of roofing materials in the UK. The firm's long history in the industry, together with the excellent quality of its products and its willingness to embrace new ideas, have earned the trust of the company's customers.

Due to the Wessex by Marley's BES 6001 accreditation for Responsible Sourcing, any homeowner who uses it will get bonus points in the BREAAM environmental evaluation process.

In addition to its standard Smooth Grey finish, Marley now offers the Wessex in a more subdued Smooth Brown.

Both of these choices will give a durable and safe roof, and they will also make a fantastic first impression on any guests or passers-by.

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