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What is the cost of a new roof

Updated: May 12, 2023

The price of a new roof can depend on several issues, the biggest issue is how big is your roof. Some other things to take into consideration are how many valleys your property has and how many chimney stacks. All these will raise the price of a new roof as lead is one of the most expensive parts of replacing a new roof. To save costs we can use grp valleys, but the downside to this is grp valleys do not have the same lifespan as lead. The prices listed below are average prices as of 23/10/2022 and could go up as the price of living continues to go up.

Up and over roofs.

up and over roofs

This is a standard up-and-over roof with no valleys and 1 chimney stack. We add a dry ridge system to these roofs and the price quoted below is for a concrete tile. We make sure the rafters are capable to accept a concrete tile and if they're not we will update them to the correct size. The cost to replace this roof was £5750.00 +vat and these style roofs come with a 20 years guarantee.

Back-to-back roof

back to back roofs

The price to replace 1 side of a back-to-back roof is around £4000.00 +vat. If you wanted to replace this roof with slate it would cost more than the price quoted above. We replace most back-to-back roofs with a Marley modern roof tile as these fit in with the slate look. If you were to replace this roof with a new slate, the average cost would be around £8100.00 +vat. On these style homes, there is no valley and just 1 chimney stack.

Roof with 2 hips

roof with two hips

On a standard 2 hip roof, the cost can start to go up as on these roofs you will find more ridge tiles, chimney stacks, and valleys. The size of the roof space is also bigger and it is a good idea to start thinking about adding Velux windows to this size roof for ventilation and light. We join your new roof to your next-door neighbor's roof with a bonding gutter, allowing a watertight seal between both roofs. The average cost for these roofs is £6500.00 +vat but can go up in price if there are more valleys and chimney stacks.

Bungalow roof

bungalow roof

A standard bungalow is similar to the above roof but has more roof space. All bungalow roofs have more roof space than 2 story homes as all rooms are on the first floor. As you can see from this photo we have added a Velux window to add extra light and ventilation to the roof space. On average, the cost to replace a bungalow roof is around £7000.00 +vat and this price is for a double chimney stack property.

Detached Roof

detached roof

The price of a new roof on a detached home can vary as the size of these properties are all different. On average a detached roof is around £7500.00 to £15,000 for a standard detached home, but this price can go up to £100,00.00 depending on the size. One thing to take into consideration when replacing your roof is what material you are gonna use, concrete tiles are the cheapest, and on the higher end are slate and Yorkshire stone. If you are replacing 50 percent or more of your roof, you are legally obliged to upgrade the insulation and obtain a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (BRCC) from your local authority building control


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