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Why does pointing keep falling out of my ridge tiles

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Loose pointing from ridge tiles is a common issue we come across daily. When re-bedding ridge tiles the sand and cement mix has to be good or the morter will just fall out. The mix ratio should be 3 parts sand to 1 part cent and we always use adhesives to help make the mix bond.

I had my ridge tiles re-pointed last year and the mortar has already fallen out.

I see this question asked a lot on the internet, when it comes to re-bedding ridge tiles they have to be removed. Some roofers will remove the loose pointing and point down the sides of the ridges, this is not a good idea as the pointing will only fall within 12 months. When you just point down the sides of the ridge tiles the ridge is not secure and can blow off in high winds. To fix the ridge tiles correctly, you will have to remove the ridges and old mortar, you would then have to re-bed the ridges down with a good solid mix.

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How long should my ridge tiles last if they are properly

The average life span for a set of re-bedded ridge tiles is around 20 - 30 years. Some ridge tiles can become loose over time and these can be repaired. It is always a good idea to make sure your ridges are in good condition as this will prevent them from blowing off or leaks occurring through them.

What happens if my ridge tiles become loose

If your ridge tiles become loose they can blow off and damage whatever is underneath them. They can also leak water through and damage the roof lining.

Do I need ridge tiles on my roof?

Yes you do, the ridge tiles cover the gap at the peak and hips of your roof preventing water from leaking into your home. Ridge tiles are a very important part of your roof and should be maintained regularly.

Is there an alternative to re-bedding the ridge tiles

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Yes, there is an alternative to re-bedding your ridge tiles. There is a new system on the market called a dry ridge system which does not use mortar. A dry ridge system is fixed down with screws and a dry ridge kit, so no mortar is needed. A dry ridge system should last around 40 - 50 years with little to no maintenance needed. When we fit a dry ridge system we give a 20-year guarantee and we only use the best product on the market.

What do dry ridge systems look like

I have added a picture here so you can see what a dry ridge system looks like. All new roofs are now fitted with this system.

Are dry ridge systems safe in the wind?

Yes, dry ridge systems are safe in the wind, they are all screwed down and we have never had one blown off.

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