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Mr John Farquharson established Leeds & District Roofing LTD in 1951 as a family business. After finishing high school, both of Mr. Farquharson's siblings began working for the company in 1996. Their father sent both brothers to building college to learn the roofing trade. Ben and John took over the roofing company in 2008 after becoming fully qualified roofers and taking it to the next level. Ben and John have built one of the most reputable roofing companies in Leeds using all of the knowledge they gained from their father's experience. Ben, the younger brother, covers the Leeds division, while John, the older brother, covers Castleford. We are still a family-run business with a total of 15 roofing employees. All of our employees have received extensive training in all aspects of their jobs, and our goal is to do the best job possible. The reviews area of our website gives credence to our claim that we are among the top suppliers of roof repair solutions and demonstrates the many various kinds of Leeds homes that we service. As a reputable roofing business, we make it a point to get back to customers as promptly as possible when they have questions. This is a theme that is consistent throughout all aspects of the job, including having friendly customer service teams and an experienced management team that are fully focused on providing a quick turnaround on roofing surveys and quotes, completing roofing jobs on time and within budget, and providing an outstanding aftercare service. In addition to this, we promise that the finished product will surpass the expectations of our consumers. In terms of education and requirements, we make it a priority to raise the already-exceedingly-high standards of our finished products and to continue developing and refining our own in-house quality assurance procedures. After putting in a lot of effort, we are overjoyed that our efforts have been recognised and rewarded by accreditation and approval from a number of the most reputable and authoritative authorities in our industry. This ensures that all of our roofing goods and services meet the "quality criteria" of our clients and comply with the rules that are currently in place for roofing. We are aware of how difficult it can be to locate roofers in Leeds who are both qualified and dependable, regardless of whether you are searching for a new roof or merely services related to roof maintenance. The realisation of this fact was the primary impetus behind the establishment of Leeds & District Roofing LTD. We are a family-owned and -operated company, and as such, we place a high focus on ensuring the well-being of our customers' families. We are well aware of the quality of roofing services that people of Leeds demand, and we make it our goal to not only meet but also surpass their needs and expectations. Because of our extensive knowledge, we are able to successfully complete roofing jobs to the satisfaction of our customers.

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