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If you looking for felt roofing, we can quote you for free

In the past, felt roofs were traditionally installed using hot bitumen. 

This method of installation was labor-intensive and ultimately inefficient since it did not provide results that lasted for an especially long period of time.The use of a torch-on felt is an alternate method that is also a more contemporary approach to putting a felt roof. A blow torch is used to make one side of each sheet adhesive, and then the sheets are layered on top of one another. When compared to the more conventional way of roofing, torch-felt roofing offers numerous important advantages. They are simpler to apply, more long-lasting, less in weight, and less costly overall. 

As a result, this option has rapidly gained favour among a large number of homeowners. 

In general, felt roofing may be an excellent choice for flat-roofed structures in a variety of roofing projects, including residential and commercial roofing jobs. This is because felt is very inexpensive. 

It is resistant to water and the elements, and it is extremely affordable to install, replace, and also repair. 

In addition to this, we investigated the various techniques for attaching a felt. 

Which one is better for your needs will depend on the context of its use. Get in contact with the roofing professionals here at LD Roofing for additional information about having a felt roof put on your home. Your requirements may be thoroughly evaluated, and if felt roofing is deemed to be a suitable alternative, you will be walked through the installation process and given the opportunity to determine whether or not it is the best choice for you.

Torch on felt roofing in Leeds

Advantages Of Felt Roofing

Simple in Its Execution


If you are a trained expert, installing torch-on felt roofing requires little effort and may be done quickly. 

When you make the investment in torch-on felt roofing, your selected contractor will be able to install it in a timely and effective manner. 

Easy repairs may also be undertaken, despite the fact that they are seldom required. 

When looking at other options, such as GRP roofing as an example, you will discover that the installation procedure is straightforward, but it is highly dependent on the weather, since it cannot be installed when it is wet outside. 

Given the unpredictability of the weather in the UK, torch-on felt roofing is a practical choice since it is not constrained in any way by the presence or absence of precipitation.


Sturdy and long-lasting


The torch-on felt roofing system has earned a reputation for being very long-lasting. 

This kind of roofing is unaffected by the sun's UV rays or the heat of the rays, and it also offers protection from the wind and the rain. 

Because it is long-lasting, falling twigs, garbage, or branches do not pose a threat to its surface by penetrating it. 

In some circumstances, this form of roofing may also support foot traffic if it turns out to be essential.


Value Over the Long Term


Although torch-on felt roofing is not the least expensive option available, selecting it due to the value it provides over the course of its lifetime is a prudent move. 

It is reasonable that you would want a solution that is easier on your wallet, and although there are more costly solutions available, such as GRP roofing, which has extra advantages, you are looking for a solution that is less expensive. 

Felt roofing is an economical alternative that offers a medium ground. 

It is resistant to rips and leaks, as well as all types of weather, and it is meant to defend against the elements. 

This long-term value also equates to little maintenance, which is something that many companies regard as a big plus point, delivering a savings on their long-term budget. This is something that many businesses perceive as a considerable plus point.


Versatile Design


A torch-applied felt roof is a solution that may be considered for a wide variety of roof types. 

Not only can it be installed on flat roofs, but it may also be used on a broad variety of other roofing surfaces. 

Because it is an option for curved as well as pitched roofs, you should give it some thought no matter what style of roofing you are interested in installing. 

When you decide to deal with a reputable roofing company, you'll have the opportunity to ask for their guidance on the kind of roofing material that should be used and what would be most effective for your building.

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