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 Rain can strike at anytime and leaks can become a problem. We offer a 24 hour emergency call out service, 7 days a week. We aim to be at your home with in 3 hours

We are one of the most reviewed roofing company's online. Our workmanship & customer services are the best in the business 

Roof Repairs

We have been carrying out roof repairs for over 30 years to a very high-quality standard, making us one of the most established roofing companies out there. Roofs can start to leak after time and the faster the repair is done the least damage occurs to your home. We can repair all styles of roofs whether it’s slate or tiled at affordable prices. There are many reasons why your roof can fail, the main reason is the agem, as the roof is exposed to the great British weather, wear & tear starts to take hold. There are many areas that can start leaking and the quicker the roof  is repaired the least damage it will cause. We can call round to your home and carry out a full roof survey free of charge for any roofing work.

Roof repairs Leeds

Roof Repairs

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Gutter Repairs

Flat roof repairs Leeds

Flat Roof Repairs

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Chimney Repairs

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Valley Repairs

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Ridge Tile Repairs

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Insurance Work

Emergency roof repairs

Emergency Repairs

Our goal has been to provide homeowners like you with top quality. Our desire to be very complete in analyzing your specific needs and recommending the very best roofing solution for your home.

If your roof is damaged and needs repairing, you can call us today on 0113 3470 889. We will book you in for a quotation and carry out a detailed inspection of the damaged area and provide a free quoation

We offer a emergency roof repair service which costs £150.00. For this we will call out and make the roof safe so you can contact your insurance company and get the work carried out through your policy

We undertake all insurance work and can carry out detailed reports which you can pass on to your insurance company. Before any work is done you should always contact your insurance company

Leeds & District roofing Services offers professional, high-quality work, guaranteed; ensuring all clients projects meet all code and design requirements. We are dedicated to exceptional customer service and will strive to ensure you with the highest quality roofing solutions. For efficient and reliable roofers, contact our friendly team today. Whether you need repairs to your existing roof.   If you feel that you need us to give you our professional advice on the condition of your property's roof, then simple call us on 0113 3470 889 today and we will book you in for a free quotation.

Can my roof be repaired

Understandably, many homeowners wonder if they can patch a damaged or deteriorating section of roof rather than replace the entire thing. The answer is in a lot of cases you can always repair a fairly new roof and carrying out repairs is cheap, but when your roof gets to about 50 years old, the chances of a small repair reduce and can become costly. In most cases even an old roof can be patched up to get a few more years out of it but before carrying out any repairs you should always consider the age of the roof and if its cost effective to carry out the repairs

How long do repairs last

It all depends on the age of your roof, as your roof gets nearer to the end of its lifespan other parts of the roof can fail which will hinder the new repairs. Other things that determine the duration of a roof repair is the materials used, the installer’s experience, and the maintenance of the roof. We use the best techniques and materials without taking shortcuts on all our roofing repairs and we will only repair a roof if we know it will last a minimum of 12 months. If you need your roof repairing today call us on 0113 3470889

Do repairs have a guarantee

All our work comes fully guaranteed and it covers against our materials and workmanship. We give a minimum of 12 months guarantee on all our repair work but on some jobs we can extend this to 5 years. We pride ourself in sticking to our guarantees as we only carry out work to a very high standard. We also offer insurance backed guarantees, which if our customers want them will cover you for storm damage and as we are the installer of materials means you will be covered on all aspects of the job

We was voted the best roofers in Leeds

We have been voted the best roofers in Leeds for 3 years now and this is down to us taking our job to the next level

We are a family run business with a vast amount of experiance which we have picked up over the years. We offer free estimates & advice on all projects, we're experienced professionals that can help on all aspects of roofing from guttering, flat roof work, roof repairs and new roofs. We are a company that has passionate and enthusiastic people, we strive to provide you with the highest level of service whenever we can. With a reputation for carrying out all roofing services to the highest standard, you can trust our team of experts to fix your damaged roof no matter how complex the job may be.