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We have been fitting Slates and Tiles for over 30 years

New roof in Bell isle

Concrete Tiles

Concrete roof tiles are made using a combination of sand, cement and water. They have a great finished look.

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Plain Tiles

Plain tiles offer durability and plenty of aesthetic variety. They are hard-wearing and suitable for even low-pitched roofs.

How much is a new roof

Natural Slates

slates and tiles is a product with unmatchable technical properties that adapts to any project, always providing considerable added value

Do i need a new roof

Yorkshire Stone

Yorkshire stone is fire- and weatherproof, making it one of the most sustainable roofing materials available.

What is the cost of a new roof

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are tough materials. They are made from naturally occurring materials that are baked into the tiles.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete roof tiles have been used for many years as an alternative to more conventional materials like slates and tiles. Not all concrete tiles are the same, and many old homes have copies built from concrete that are difficult to distinguish from the originals. They may be found in a wide variety of designs, sizes, forms, and colours, making them suitable for use on any building.

Natural Slate

slates and tiles have been a symbol of sophistication and luxury for centuries, and today they can be seen atop millions of homes throughout Leeds. Being among the most aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions, slates and tiles are a popular choice. Additionally, the average lifespan of a conventional roofing system is between 20 and 30 years, whereas slates and tiles may protect a roof for a century or more. Despite this, only roofs properly fitted by experienced specialists can enjoy such remarkable durability.

Clay Tiles

The visual attractiveness of clay roof tiles is a key factor in their widespread popularity. From bright white to earthy brown and sunny orange, you can customise your roof to match your home's decor or express your own unique style. Moreover, most clay tiles include various surface treatments to boost colour vibrancy and give your house an individual look. Because of their longevity, clay tiles may still be discovered in archaeological locations; they have such remarkable structural strength that they are unaffected by severe weather conditions.

Yorkshire Stone

Yorkshire stone roof tiles are often saved for reuse when a building in Yorkshire is torn down or renovated, due to the durability of the material. Simply put, if you take care of them, they will endure as long as your house does. York stone roof slates are one of the most long-lasting options since they are both fire- and weatherproof, meaning they’re often used in agricultural structures, including barns, homes, and additions.

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