Roof Survey

Because the majority of ordinary roof inspections are only performed from the ground level, it is always a good idea to have a thorough roof survey performed on the roof of a new house before purchasing it. 

We are able to provide you with a comprehensive written report that is accompanied by photographs and detailed all there is to know report about the roof. The cost of this report was £120.00, however if you are successful in completing the quoation, we will remove that amount from the invoice.


Why Do I Need A roof Report

Currently, the majority of lenders will want a roof report if the assessment reveals a lot of concerns. A comprehensive roof study will give you an excellent picture of the overall state of your roof, thus we feel that this should be done immediately. In certain instances, before a lender would lend money on a property, they may require that the work be completed first. A comprehensive report also positions you to renegotiate the price with the seller, since roof repairs may be expensive and should always be included into the selling of the home. Although purchasers get a basic assessment that provides an overview of the roof's condition, this does not depict the complete picture. Surveyors working for lenders often do not have a lot of knowledge about roofing. They will only check the roof by looking at it from the ground level or by peeping into the roof area. In most cases, they will work from a textbook while also having some inspection experience. The greatest course of action to take if you really want to know about the state of a roof is to have a professional examination performed on it. A roofing contractor with a good reputation will do an exhaustive investigation of the roof and give a detailed report on their findings. This will include photographs, explanations, and suggestions for any defects, as well as any necessary repairs. The ability to keep an eye on things from above may help you save a significant amount of time and money.  Inspections of structures may be completed in a matter of minutes when a drone is used, which not only saves time for workers but also prevents expensive scaffolding costs. Since there is no need for anybody to actually leave the ground, concerns about health and safety may be kept to a minimum thanks to the instantaneous sharing of data.

Roof survey

When you need a roof inspection or roof survey in Leeds, go no further than Leeds & District Roofing. A drone roof survey saves us time and effort over a traditional roof inspection, which would have required us to physically climb up onto the roof using ladders or scaffolding. Our roof inspections and assessments always offer a thorough, high-resolution breakdown of any and all problem areas. Our state-of-the-art drone camera utilises heat detection to reveal hidden problems with the property. Loss of heat may be occurring in your building because of insufficient insulation, water seepage, or other such problems. By inspecting for these problems, you can keep your home in good shape, cut down on your heating bills, save cash, and lessen your impact on the environment. Our drone crews can take high-quality aerial photos of your roof, giving you a complete image of its state without the need for expensive equipment rentals, scaffolding, or employees to operate at dangerous heights. Aerial building inspections may be completed in a fraction of the time by employing the most recent drone imaging technology. Flat roof faults, as well as issues with gable ends, gutters, parapets, pointing, lead flashing, and chimneys, may be seen with the use of a drone inspection.