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New Roofs

We Specialize in replacing all styles of roofs at affordable prices in Leeds. We can call round and carry out a complete survey on your home free of charge

New Roofs Leeds


We remove your old roof back to the roof joist. We then check all your roof joist to make sure they are in good condition and then we start to replace your roof

BREATHABLE FELT - We only use the best breathable felt possible which will save you money on heating bills and keep any water out. Most roofers use 90 gsm breathable which fails very quickly and can start to leak. We only use TLX 162 gsm breathable felt which come with a 25 manufactures guarantee

TREATED WOODEN LATHS - We only use treated wooden laths which have been proven to last longer than standard laths Meaning we can give longer guarantees with all our work in Leeds.

Roof replacement Leeds


CLAY TILES - Long lasting - Low maintenance - Expensive - Fire and weather resistant - Environmentally friendly - Require Limited Maintenance

CONCRETE - Long term durability - Many color/style choice - Excellent price quality ratio - Perfect shape stability and dimension stability - Easy to install

SLATE TILES - Durable - Longest life expectancy - Element resistant - Very low maintenance - Come in a few colors - Many sizes - Heavy - Expensive

THATCH ROOFS - Thatch is a natural product of reed, grass or heather's, when properly cut, dried, and thatched forms a waterproof roof. It is a naturally weather-resistant material

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Valley work

Roof Valleys

The valley on your home can be done in many materials, the most popular choice is lead and grp. These 2 are the most cost effective and have a good life span. The grp valleys are maintenance free as no pointing is needed and has a life expectancy of around 30 - 50 years. Lead valleys need to be pointed after the pointing fails and need maintaining every 5 - 10 years. The lead itself has a long life expectancy and can last up to 100 years. We supply & fit all styles of valleys In Leeds.

Lead work


Lead is used in roofing in many capacities, from chimney flashing to flat roofs, valleys, gutters, downspouts and water hoppers. An extremely flexible material, lead sheeting can be pulled taut and stretched around tricky shapes and areas for total coverage. Lead has a long life expectancy and is weather resistant to rain and is low maintenance. Lead can be used in - chimneys - valleys - flat roofs - flashing and much more. Lead comes in different codes and the correct code needs to be used depending on what job you are doing. We have be working with lead for over 25 years and we can guarantee that we wont be beaten when it comes to installing lead in Leeds.

Ridge tiles Leeds


Mortar Bedded Ridges - Whilst mortar certainly does the job, there are a number of disadvantages it is worth being aware of. First, mortar has a limited lifespan and requires regular maintenance because it will deteriorate in time through natural weathering. Secondly mortar is susceptible to cracking because of the natural movement within the building structure in Leeds,

Dry Ridge Systems - Leaves a maintenance free finish - Quick and easy installation - Dramatically increases roof lifespan - Permanently secures slate/tiles & ridges on roof - Allows natural movement of the roof


Dry Verge - Quick and easy installation - Labour saving costs - Increases roof lifespan - Leaves a maintenance free finish - Stops water penetration - Stops wind uplift - Permanently secures slate/tiles & ridges on roof Protects the most vulnerable parts of the roof - Allows natural movement of the roof.

Mortar Verge - Using mortar has been the traditional, and historical, way of fixing tiles to a roof. And while most properties could benefit from a dry ridge upgrade, there are still certain properties where a mortar touch is suitable

dry verge caps