Using daylight and fresh air, VELUX roof windows offer a greater feeling of comfort and space in the home.

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Solar Power Velux windows

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Manual Velux windows

Velux window codes are there to tell you what size the roof window is. They are easily located on the existing velux roof window. These codes can be used if you need a blind to be fitted to the window. They are located on the top right of the window. We can provide you with all the latest information on all windows

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Velux Windows

We can supply and fit all sizes of Velux windows to pitched roofs. We have a chart below with all the various window sizes shown to make it easier for you to choose your velux window. If you are looking for a roof window to fit your pitched roof, we can provide you with all the information needed. If you want your existing velux roof window changed, you can find the code in the top right corner of the velux windows. All Velux windows need to be fitted with flashing kits as these are essential to stop the roof windows from leaking. The roof pitch has got to be determined before you buy a Velux windows so you get the correct style of Velux windows.

Before we can fit any Velux roof windows, the internal work will need to be done, so the window can fix the correct gap in the roof space.

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Window codes

All window codes are located at the top right-hand corner of the skylight windows. If you open the window up and pull it back to you, here you can find the window code. From this window code, we can provide you with the information needed to replace your velux window.

Velux window sizes

Replacement windows can be fitted to the exact same cut out you have and, if needed, velux blinds can be fitted to the existing window. When it comes to fitting Velux windows, the first thing you should think about is the light they let in. There are many velux windows on the market, and picking the roof windows is essential.

Velux windows sizes come in all different sizes, and we can always call out to your home and measure the correct roof window size for your needs.

Velux windows sizes can be seen from the chart above, and if you know the size you would like, call us today for a free quotation on your roof window fitting.

Types of velux windows.

Standard centre pivot windows are your standard Velux windows, and they come in either a white polyurethane or a white wood finish. Our customer service team can answer any questions you have about which Velux windows will be needed and what flashing kits go with it. Top-hung roof windows from VELUX may be opened and closed using an attractive handle located at the bottom of the window. These windows provide an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape and maximise the amount of natural light that can enter the building. When it comes to loft conversions that already have roof windows in convenient locations, top-hung roof windows are the best option.

If you are looking for the highest level of comfort, VELUX INTEGRA® is the product for you. With this cutting-edge system of windows, blinds, and shutters, you may open and close them with the flip of a wall switch that has been associated with them beforehand. With this cutting-edge system of windows, blinds, and shutters, you may open and close them with the flip of a wall switch that has been associated with them beforehand. Because the switch is mounted on the wall, it is now simpler and quicker to access each window. Or why not consider upgrading your VELUX INTEGRA® roof window with VELUX ACTIVE, the best option for bringing in fresh air and improving the comfort level within your home.

There are advantages to installing any kind of Roof Window. The variety offered by VELUX only increases these advantages. The windows are state-of-the-art in every respect, from the quality of their construction to the care used in their design. You can trust that VELUX Windows will pay close attention to the details of how their products will function in your house. Discovering the Finest Roof Windows Roof Windows should be selected after careful consideration of the desired amount of natural light. Which way do you want the sun to shine into your room? With complete pricing details for each VELUX product, we provide competitive pricing at Low Trade Prices. You may finish your project with confidence thanks to our cheap VELUX rates. You can choose the ideal skylight windows for your project from our wide selection of sizes. You can order the right size VELUX product with the help of our VELUX Size Guide. On the other hand, if you call 0113 3470 889 and our staff will be happy to assist you. VELUX is a fantastic brand recognised for their wide selection and outstanding quality. For almost 80 years, VELUX roof windows have been a source of natural light and ventilation for homeowners all over the globe. Incorporating our products into the design process results in communities that are more aesthetically pleasing, safer, and more cost-effective to operate. Loft windows may be either top-pivot or center-pivot opening styles, providing ventilation for the attic whether the roof is flat, sloped, or a combination of the two.

We also supply and fit flat roof windows. Glazing on flat roofs is an excellent technique to get natural light into the area below. There is never a time of day when you are not gathering light from above, and it is believed that you receive about a third as much light from above as you do via a standard vertical window. Were offering a wide range of VELUX products at affordable prices. Also available are blinds, shutters, and sun tunnels. We d o everything we can to improve the quality of life at home in terms of lighting, air quality, and convenience. We are here to help you make the most of your project, whether you need a VELUX pitched roof window for a loft conversion or a flat roof solution for an addition or office.