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Canadian Roofing Slate

Updated: May 23, 2023

The blue-grey colour and high quality physical properties of Glendyne Natural Canadian Slate Tiles have helped them quickly gain a reputation for excellence.

In the Canadian municipality of Saint Marc du Lac Long, Glendyne slate is mined and processed.

Because of the unique slate deposit and the use of cutting-edge extraction technology and time-honored finishing techniques, the slate is rapidly gaining acclaim as a product of the highest quality.

At the turn of the twentieth century, British slate quarrymen began extracting slate from deposits initially put down during the Ordovician period, some 500 million years ago.

Some 90 years after the quarries closed, Glendyne slate may still be spotted on roofs in the neighbourhood.

Glendyne slate from Canada is highly regarded for its polished appearance, resistance to extreme temperatures, and malleability.

The Canadian Glendyne, which is also appropriate as an alternative to the Ffestiniog Welsh slate, is grayish-blue in colour with a vertical grain and has a rock structural composition that is 98% similar to Welsh slate.

Real Canadian Slate has several advantages, including its great quality and strength.

These resilient roof tiles can even weather harsh Canadian winters, so they should have no trouble withstanding the worst of the British environment.

Among the many materials available from Extons, the dark grey with light blue tones of our Glendyne natural slate stands out as particularly attractive.

Since natural Canadian Glacier slate is not as strictly graded as 1st grade slate, it is more cost-effective and requires less sorting.

We provide only the finest quality Canada slate roof tiles, and they blend well with Ffestiniog and other blue-grey British natural slates already installed on your roof.


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