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Clay Plain Tiles

Updated: May 23, 2023

The Rosemary tile collection has individual tiles with a textured surface, bottom, sides, and front edge.

Some other distinguishing features are the distorted front border and the variable length of the hanging loops.

All of these details work together to simulate the appearance of authentic clay tiles created by hand.

The Rosemary Clay Craftsman clay tile is manufactured using a one-of-a-kind manufacturing technique on a specialised production line, giving it the appearance of an antique tile while keeping all the properties and strength of a modern tile.

While the orange-red sanding and random black patterning on Hawkhurst and Albury provide the impression of an ancient roof, the deeper and grittier texture of Victorian gives roofs their true aged character.

Because of their durability and the remarkable beauty they provide to any project, plain clay roof tiles have become a popular choice.

Plain clay roof tiles from trusted manufacturers like Marley and Redlands are available in plenty at Alltype Roofing.

You can get machine-made clay plain tiles, hand-crafted plain tiles, and clay interlocking roof tiles (all of which are machine-made but come in a variety of forms and sizes).

Tiles for roofs made of clay, by hand:

Each tile is cut, glazed, and laid by hand by a skilled artisan.

As a result of the usage of moulds, there will be subtle variations in tile form and size, giving each tile its own individual character.

(the artisan's handprint may even be etched on the tiles' undersides).

After the tiles are sanded or granulated to get the required polish, they are fired in a kiln.

Manual inspection ensures that only high-quality tiles are produced, and those that don't pass muster are discarded and replaced.

This laborious method, therefore, has a hefty price tag.

Since clay tiles have been manufactured for over 150 years, consumers may choose from a broad variety of styles, colours, and textures produced by a variety of tile manufacturers.

In contrast to concrete or slate tiles, the appearance of clay tiles improves with age and weather, making them a great choice for those who want a roof with character and a more rustic aesthetic.

plain clay tiles

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