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Concrete Plain Tiles

Updated: May 23, 2023

Roofs may seem timeless when covered with Marley's Plain concrete tiles, which have a time-honored style.

In addition to its traditional use as horizontal cladding, this Plain tile may also be used on dormers, eyebrows, and conical roofs.

The 9 unique colours of the Marley Plain tile complement its realistic appearance, which is because to its single camber design.

In place of traditional materials like clay and slate, you may use the Marley concrete roof tile.

These products have the same "natural" look as their more synthetic counterparts, but are available in earth tones that resemble clay.

Their minimal upkeep and fireproof qualities are a welcome bonus.

Moreover, their low-priced production method makes them a great value.

Extreme weather conditions are no match for concrete roof tiles.

Since the advent of thin leading edge tiles like the Marley Edgemere tile and interlocking Plain Tiles like the Forticrete Gemini or Marley Ashmore Tiles, the market for concrete tiles has expanded tremendously over the last decade.

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