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County Pantile Clay Tiles

Updated: May 23, 2023

The Sandtoft County Tile is an exceptionally long-lasting clay pantile that has a double-locking system.

This clay roof tile is available in three different colours, in addition to its long-lasting nature. In order to achieve that timelessly elegant aesthetic, Sandtoft makes use of natural alluvial Humber clay. According to research, this high-quality material has a longer life, which implies that it will need less care as time goes on. This clay pantile is available in a variety of colours, including traditional hues such as Flanders, Natural Red, and Tascan.

What degree do County Pantile Clay Tiles go down to

The Sandtoft County Tile has a headlap of 64mm and may be used on slopes as shallow as 22.5 degrees. The County Pantile maintains a conventional look while providing enhanced functionality via the use of interlocking weather bars.

This visually beautiful Clay Pantile is a realistic solution for roofs that need that historic feel, with a minimum working pitch of only 22.5o and a selection of contemporary dry fix and ventilation items.

How much do Sandtoft County Pantile Clay Tiles

These tiles cost around £2.35 each. They have the appearance of traditional pantiles, but also the practicality of interlocking weather bars, which improve their efficiency. The County may be installed on roofs with a pitch as low as 22.5 degrees because to its two interlocks, which increase performance.

like a classic clay pantile from the outside, but its double-interlocking construction gives it superior performance.


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