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If i replace more than 25% of my roof do i need to inform building control

Updated: May 23, 2023

Whether you are a roofing contractor, a homeowner, or a business owner that is looking to have roofing work done that requires building control sign-off, then look no further than NFRC CPS. NFRC CPS allows roofing contractors to self-certify that their work meets the requirements of Approved Document L1B of the Building Regulations without having to go through the bureaucratic and costly process of applying for building control sign-off. We are a member of NRFC CPS, so we can sign off on all our work with a certificate, meaning all work comes fully certified

Leeds & District Roofing LTD can self certify all new roofs

we can self certify all new roofs and flat roofs in Leeds. We are a memeber of the NRFC Competent roofer scheme which allows us to self certify all new roofs.

If you're having work done on your roof, you'll want to be sure that the contractor you choose will not only execute quality work, but will also adhere to all of your legal requirements.

It's safe to use an NFRC CPS Registered Contractor since they have passed a stringent set of standards, including a financial check, office audit and site inspection, before being granted CPS contractor status.

Only an NFRC CPS contractor in England and Wales may self-certify that their work meets the applicable Building Regulations.

Upgrade the insulation and get a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (BRCC) from your local authority if you are replacing 50% or more of your roof.

Building Control may issue an enforcement notice if you do not adhere to the Building Regulations, in which case you will be responsible for the cost of modifying or removing your roof.

If you don't have a valid BRCC, you may run into difficulties while trying to sell your home.

If you choose a contractor with NFRC CPS recognition, you'll get a BRCC and an Insurance Backed Guarantee after the job is done and signed off (IBG).

It is also crucial to note that Building Control will be informed of the completion of the work, which is your legal responsibility.

A ten-year IBG is supplied with every household notice to strengthen the contractor's workmanship warranty.

When a roof breaks and the contractor is no longer in business, the IBG will take effect.

With its UKAS accreditation, NFRC CPS also has a well-established complaints procedure in place to help resolve any issues that may occur.

Can the homeowner get the work certified

Yes you can, to do this you would need to phone Leeds building control. The cost to do it your self is around £200.00 and you would have to make sure you upgraded your insulation at the same time you get your new roof fitted

What is the best option when getting a new roof fitted in Leeds

Choosing a skilled roofer is the greatest choice since they have been thoroughly vetted and their work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

As a bonus, you won't have to deal with the procedure on your own.

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