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Interlocking Roof Tiles

Updated: May 23, 2023

Single-lap installation is possible with interlocking roof tiles because of the way their edges overlap and lock together.

This design is available in a broad range of roof tile materials, from clay pantiles and Roman tiles to the increasingly popular concrete variant.

Interlocking tiles are a great option for a roof since they are lightweight and adaptable, can be laid quickly, and are very affordable to install.

Your choice of interlocking vs plain tiles will be influenced by your budget and aesthetic preferences.

There are, nevertheless, a number of benefits to using interlocking tiles instead of regular ones.

With interlocking tiles, you only need to perform a single loop to guarantee weather tightness, but with plain tiles, you need to do a double lap.

Choosing interlocking tiles might also save you money.

The roof may be covered with fewer of these tiles since they are often bigger than standard tiles.

Therefore, the installation procedure will be easier and cheaper than if a standard tile roof were used.

There is a wide variety of interlocking roof tiles available, so you can select one that complements the style of your home no matter how contemporary or classic it is.

The appearance of plain tiles and other roofing materials may be imitated by using interlocking tiles.

Tiles have been made from clay for thousands of years, making it one of the oldest building materials around.

The final product is eye-catching and suitable for a wide variety of buildings.

Tiles made from clay, despite their flexibility, have a relatively long lifetime of roughly 30 years because of their toughness.

Our Redland Fontenelle is an excellent choice if you want an interlocking tile that mimics the appearance of a plain-tiled roof.

This clay roof tile is interlocking and comes in a stunning brindle colour, yet once installed, it gives the impression of a simple tiled roof.


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