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Plain Clay Tiles

Updated: May 23, 2023

Clay roof tiles are preferred by the majority of homeowners, builders, and architects over other materials such as concrete roof tiles. This is due to the fact that clay roof tiles are more durable, beautiful, and long-lasting than other materials.

Because of its longevity, fire resistance, and the fact that they have the finest environmental credentials of any roofing material, clay tiles are the material of choice for roofing in many Mediterranean countries as well as the United Kingdom.There are a number of advantages to using clay roof tiles, such as their longevity and the simplicity of their installation, but there are also some disadvantages.

In the following, we will discuss both the positive and negative aspects of this option so that our customers may make an informed choice.

Self-builders, homeowners who are adding on to their homes or remodelling them, and others who are contemplating either material routinely discuss the advantages of concrete roof tiles vs clay roof tiles.

Because this decision must be made at the very beginning of the project, there is a lot of time pressure to make a decision on the kind of roof tile that will be used. Concrete and clay are the two most often used materials for roofing tiles, despite the fact that there are many more options available.

This decision is impacted by a number of considerations, including finances, architectural style, location, and zoning regulations.

Nevertheless, you should also think about how long you want to stay in the house and the aesthetic that you want it to have.

What is the life expectancy of a plain roofing tile

Although clay tiles have been used for roofing for millennia, concrete tiles have become more common in the last fifty years due to their durability.

The majority of producers of clay and concrete roof tiles issue a guarantee on their products for a period of thirty years; however, the norm in the industry for the estimated service life is sixty years.

What degree do plain tiles go down too

Tiles constructed of concrete or handmade clay may be pitched as low as 35 degrees, and so can plain tiles.

The thickness of some machine-made clay plain tiles may be as little as 30


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