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Roof repairs Leeds

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

How long do roofs last

If a roof is well maintained, you can get a tiled roof to last around 60-70 years. To do this , you will have to keep a good eye on your roof and maintain it when needed. In some cases I have seen a tiled roof last 80 years, but this roof was maintained yearly. Roof repairs can start with just general maintenance to your guarantee, like just cleaning them out or replacing tiles that need changing. The main cause of a roof deteriorated is moss, in my opinion moss can reduce the roofs life expectancy by up to 50%. A good factor for your roof is also ventilation, if your roof is well ventilated it will stop it from sweating. Replacing any broken slate / tile will also make sure the wooden batterns do rot as this would cause costly roof repairs.

Can all roofs be repaired

As long as you keep up with the routine maintenance of your roof, you should be able to do repairs each year.

Spending a lot of money on an old roof year after year just to replace it after a few years is impractical and wasteful.

The cost of repairing the roof may be less than the cost of replacing it, thus it is preferable to replace the roof now rather than later.

However, if your old, worn-out roof is costing you more money each year, it's time to purchase a new one.

How long will a roof repair last

This is a frequently asked question, to which I have no satisfactory response.

When you fix a section of a roof, it's not uncommon for another section to begin leaking soon after.

Proper roof repair should last many years, according to my observations.

If we can't discover the leak in a roof, we have to go through a process of elimination in order to fix it.

A leak might be difficult to detect when there are no obvious cracks in the tiles, lead missing from the chimney stack, or valleys that have been ripped apart.

Repairing roofs can be an expensive endeavour if not done correctly. I've worked on a large number of them, yet I've seen several roofers stumble through this process because they act as if nothing is obvious.

How would you repair my roof

Inspection of damp or water stains in your house is the first step in the procedure, and we gather any relevant information from you as well.

Our next step will be to look for any obvious signs of damage to the roof, and if we discover anything obvious, the client will be notified.

As part of our first inspection, we carefully check the roof for further damage.

For non-emergency situations, we offer a written estimate to our customers so that they may make an informed decision.

If water is coming in, we can quote a price to either repair while we are on the job or make safe and waterproof until the weather is suitable for a complete repair to take place.

If there is no obvious damage to the roof, we will then have to start stripping parts of the roof off to look for water damage. This is when it can become a little more costly to you. Leaks can come from anywere on your roof , but with a little time and effort, there has never been a leak i could not find and fix

Is my roof worth repairing

If your roof begins leaking for the first time and the repair expenses are just a few hundred pounds, you should immediately fix it.

Numerous roofs may need annual minor repairs; this is considered routine maintenance that all roofs require.

It is advisable to get your roof inspected annually, since early detection of a problem will always result in a lower repair cost.

When you find yourself fixing your roof many times every year, it's time to consider replacing it.

When the roof repairs are costing you around £1000.00 a year to keep your roof going and to replace your roof is around £6000.00 it would be more cost effective to replace it.

Idealy I usually advise clients that if they want to reside in their property for an extended amount of time, it is always a good idea to replace the roof immediately, as there will be no need for repairs and you will save money in the long run.


Do you need scaffolding to repair my roof

Yes scaffolding is needed by law on any repair that is going to take longer than 30 minutes, if you just have a slate that needs repairing or a small roof repair, this can be done off a ladder and roof ladder.

Will my Home Insurance cover me for a roof repair

While this is not the case with most insurance policies, some do include a provision for emergency roof repairs within their policy maximums.

Normal wear and tear is not covered by standard homeowner's policies, only storm damage.

I've learned through experience that most insurance companies will attempt to get out of paying for repairs, so it's up to the policyholder to be tough and receive the money they're owed.

When you call your insurance provider to report a leak, they will immediately start recording the date and time you first spotted it. Next, they will look up the weather on that day.

If the day's winds didn't reach 40 miles per hour, they'll claim there was no storm.

It's important for homeowners to remember that a storm may have caused damage a month ago, but it may not rain again for another month.

So, you may want to urge your insurance provider to evaluate the possibility that the leak occurred during a prior storm.

Some things, especially pointing, will be attributed to normal wear and tear.

If you have an issue with pointing, you may not be covered by insurance.

How Much do roof repairs cost

It all depends on the problem, if its just a slate or tile that needs replacing it could cost around £50.00. If its 20 slates that need replacing, you are probabily going to need scaffolding and roof repairs can average from around £50.00 to around £1000.00 on a normal sized home.

Do roof repairs come with a guarantee

Most company's will not guarantee a roof repair but our roofing company will guarantee all roof reapirs we do for a minimum of 12 months. We pride ourself in being one of the best roofers in Leeds and we will make sure your leak is fixed or we will not charge you for our services.


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