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What Can I Gain from a Roof Survey?

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Roof Survey

Although your roof is arguably the most important feature of your home, it’s something that many homeowners neglect. In order to keep your roof in optimal condition, you should be getting an annual roof survey as a minimum. Despite this, many proprietors fail to see what can actually be gained from a roof survey as, on the surface, it can seem like an unnecessary expense. While it’s true you’ll have to pay for a regular roof survey, it’s much more likely to save you money than waste it. Read on to discover just how much can be gained from a roof survey.

What’s Checked on a Roof Inspection?

There is no one type of roof inspection, and the manner in which your roof is inspected will depend on your roof’s requirements. As a rule of thumb, the features of a roof inspection include:

· Identifying signs of rotting

· Looking for structural damage

· Assessing chimney damage

· Inspecting the condition of guttering, fascia, soffits, and tiles

· Checking for ice dams and leaks

· Assessing ventilation and insulation

· Identifying condensation/moisture build-up

Unfortunately, not all of these problems will be apparent to the untrained eye, making the professional touch essential. Should any issues be identified upon inspection, we’ll be able to suggest repairs and carry these out if you choose to proceed with our services.

Signs You Need a New Roof

In most cases, roof repairs will involve just a section of the roof being amended or replaced; however, in extreme circumstances, an entire roof replacement may be necessary. Signs you may need a new roof include:

· Extensive water damage

· Excessive moss and mould growth

· Light coming through your roof

· Damaged flashing

· Excessive debris in gutters

· Attic leaks

· An ageing roof

· Falling mortar

· Rotting underlay

· Damaged ridges

· Excessive granular materials in gutters on the ground

The Benefits of an Official Roof Survey

The fact of the matter is that a regular roof survey comes with an array of benefits, as detailed below.

Time- and Cost-Effective

First and foremost, a roof survey is often the most time- and cost-effective solution, as routine maintenance, is the best way to avoid hefty damage and repairs. By having your roof annually inspected by a professional, they’ll likely be able to identify problems before they escalate into serious problems. As a result, smaller, quicker, and inexpensive repairs may be an option rather than whole roof replacements.

Minimal Disruption

Roof repairs can be very noisy and disruptive, especially if an extensive amount of work is required. As previously mentioned, an annual roof survey allows you to catch problems in the early stages before a complete overhaul is needed. Therefore, the level of disruption is minimised as the demands of the work won’t be as large.

Limiting Risk

If your roof has problems that go unnoticed, this can place your home at serious risk. In fact, defects in your roof can severely impact your home’s structural integrity, putting your assets in a state of vulnerability. In order to reduce the risk factors as much as possible, it’s essential that you get a roof survey on at least an annual basis.

Delivers Concrete Evidence

An annual roof survey can provide you with peace of mind and give you concrete evidence of your roof’s condition. When you know about your roof’s well-being, you can say with confidence what needs to be done (or not done) to maintain your roof’s health.

Pre-Purchase Roof Surveys

A pre-purchase roof survey is an instance in which a prospective homebuyer organises for a roof survey to be carried out before they make their purchase. As previously mentioned, the roof is one of the most essential features of a house, meaning you’ll want to ensure it’s in good condition before committing to a purchase. Therefore, roof surveys can provide impartial evidence of any issues before you put in an offer for a house.

How Long Does a Tiled Roof Last in the UK?

As a rule of thumb, 60 years is considered a reasonable service life for roof tiles. Despite this, in order to perform to the best of their ability, they need to be properly maintained and replaced when necessary. A roof survey will determine any work that needs to be done to your roof tiles to keep them in a quality condition.

Get Your Roof Surveyed by Leeds & District Roofing LTD.

Here at Leeds & District Roofing LTD., roof surveys are just one of the many roofing services we offer. Discover more about our roof surveys here, and be sure to get in touch if you’re interested in booking a roof survey with us. We’ll respond as quickly as we can to organise a site visit and carry out any necessary work. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you protect your property.

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