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Roofers Leeds

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Looking for roofers Leeds has many to choose from

We feel we are the best roofers Leeds has to offer. We have been operating in the Leeds region for over 30 years and have extensive knowledge of roof work. We provide a complete roofing service and all of our work is completely guaranteed.

Leeds & District Roofing LTD is the place to go if you need a local roofer in Leeds. One of our skilled roofers will come to your Leeds property and do a comprehensive survey of the repairs you need. We will photograph the area with our drone and provide you with a thorough report and quote for the repairs required.

New roofs in the Leeds area

Every roof will eventually need to be replaced, and determining when your roof needs to be replaced is never an easy choice. If you want to reside in your house for an extended period of time, I always suggest having your roof replaced as soon as is practical.

This will save costly roof repairs over the years, and you will still enjoy all the advantages of your new roof. If you just want to reside in your house temporarily, it can be a smart idea to do roof repairs since, if you intend to sell your home, a new roof won't increase its market worth.

Determining the state of your roof is always a good idea since there are instances when it won't be feasible to fix it and a new roof will be the only option to halt the leak. If the time has come for you to replace your roof, we can give you an estimate on doing so at a fair price. There are many roofers in Leeds, but we won't be matched for quality of work or cost.

Call us today on 0113 3470889 for a free quote

When your roof begins to leak, it is always a good idea to call a roofer to inspect it. There are many roofers in Leeds, but picking the proper roofer may be tough. We make that decision easy by offering the finest roof repairs in Leeds. If a leak is discovered early on, the expense of repairing it should be minimal. However, if the roof has been leaking for a long period, the damage might be considerably worse. We have many clients who call us each year to have an annual roof inspection performed at no cost. This benefits our clients since any damage can be detected early, and the repair costs are far lower than if the roof was allowed to leak for an extended period of time.

Roof repairs in Leeds

We are often called to properties where our clients have wet on their chimney breasts. The lead work on the chimney stack is usually to blame, and this may be remedied by replacing the lead work on the chimney. When it comes to changing your lead work, there are four major components that must be replaced.

Apron- The lead apron is the piece of lead on the front of your chimney stack

Soakers - Lead soakers are the pieces of lead that go onto your slate/tiles and up the side of your chimney stack

Flashings - Lead flashings are the pieces of lead that are cut out that go on the side of your chimney stack

Gutter back - The lead gutter back is the piece of lead that sits at the back of your chimney stack.

When it comes to fixing chimney stacks, we have a vast amount of experience and you can rest assured that the leaks you have on your chimney will be solved the first time.

Because valleys absorb a lot of water, they might create a weak place on your roof. A valley is formed when two peaks of your roof meet, and it is here that water from both peaks flows. If your valley is leaking, give us a call right now since the damage a leaky valley may create is enormous. A leaky valley may cause damage to your home's ceiling and, over time, your valley boards will decay.

We may replace your valley with either lead or a new grp valley, both come with a ten-year warranty, but a lead valley will always last longer than a grp valley. Sometimes we can repair your valley if the lead work has a small hole in, if this is the case you can cut a section of lead out and replace it with a new piece

Chimney stacks

If you have a problem with your chimney stack, we are the roofers to contact in Leeds. If the pointing or flaunching on your chimney stack has become loose, you should contact a roofer immediately. This might cause your brickwork and chimney stack to become loose, which can be quite hazardous. Your roof will sustain considerable damage if a chimney pot falls off or a brick becomes loose. We have the experience to make sure your chimney is in the best condition possible, we can remove your old mortar by grinding it out and renewing it with a mortar. We can also launch the top of your chimney stack to make sure your chimney pots are safe.

Chimney stack repairs in Leeds

There are currently two viable options for replacing your ridge tiles. The first method is to re-bed your ridge tiles, while the second method is to utilize a dry ridge system. If you see that the mortar has begun to come out of your flooring tiles, this is the first clue that they need maintenance. Most of the time, loose ridge tiles may be repaired, but in other cases, they must be completely re-bed. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to switch to a dry ridge system, which requires no maintenance. We can repair or replace any ridge tiles, and we will always provide you with a fair price for any work that you want.

Dry verge caps fitted in Leeds

If your dry verge caps are not properly installed, they may become loose over time and may blow off. Some roofers may screw the dry verge caps to the end of the roofing batten, however, this is incorrect. A batten should be fastened to your fascia board, followed by your dry verge cap. Dry verge caps should last at least 20 years if properly installed. We can provide and install dry verge caps in any colour for our clients.


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