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Sandtoft 20/20 Clay Tile

Updated: May 23, 2023

The Sandtoft Wienerberger 20/20 tile is a clay tile that utilises cutting-edge design to reduce labour, material, and finishing time. As a result, a clay plain tile roof may be constructed at a lower cost with these tiles.

Because of the tile's clever interlocking design, it can be placed on roofs with slopes as shallow as 15 degrees and still function properly.

The Sandtoft 20/20 tile is an interlocking clay tile that has a basic appearance to it. The 20/20 tile is the industry standard for achieving the appearance of a clay plain tile and may be laid at an angle as shallow as 15 degrees.

How long do Sandtoft 20/20 Clay Tile last

Sandtoft 20/20 Clay Tile last will last around 80 - 90 years

Natural beauty by design

The real allure of the 20/20, on the other hand, lies in the fact that it cuts down on the time needed for construction and the money spent on installation, all without requiring any material reductions or other concessions to be made.

The 20/20 was designed as a solution to meet the need for the aesthetic and planning-friendly attributes that are associated with traditional clay plain tiles, but without the high price tag.

Clay plain tiles have been used for the construction of breathtaking roofs that are brimming with personality and originality during the course of many years.

Plain tiles, although providing curb appeal and being in compliance with planning requirements, are labor and material-intensive, making them pricey. While they do give curb appeal.

What degree do Sandtoft 20/20 Clay Tiles go down to

Because of the 20/20's "open" gauge, decreasing the gauge to prevent a cut course at the eaves or ridge is a straightforward process.

Batten gauges for a 20/20 setup range from 210mm to 255mm, with the exact range needing to do with the pitch.

Battens may be spaced as widely as 255 mm at roof pitches of 22.5 ° or more, with a minimum 75 mm head lap required.

Battens must be spaced no more than 230 mm apart for roofs with pitches between 15 and 22.5 degrees, with a bare minimum of 100 mm for the head lap.

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