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Single Pan Roofing Tile

Updated: May 23, 2023

The Shire Pantile of Sandtoft, where Wienerbergers are grown.

A concrete, single-lap, interlocking pantile that combines conventional pantile aesthetics with a lower price point.

The Shire Pantile, made by Sandtoft, is offered in five regular and two sandfaced surface textures.

Sandtoft Shire tiles are compatible with roof slopes as low as 22.5 degrees (30 degrees with sandfaced) because to its ingenious one pantile, interlocking construction.

Cost-effective and suitable for new construction, additions, and remodels.

Most single-lap tiles feature a tongue-and-groove junction along the long edges, which allows them to interlock with one another.

The roof covering as a whole is lighter when using battens, but the batton size is greater when using double lap tiling.

Mechanical fasteners, such a clip or nail, are recommended for affixing single-lap tiles.

Tiles with a single camber are only bent along one axis, usually the long side.

Similar to single camber tiles, double camber tiles are curved both vertically and horizontally.

Camber may be measured in both the longitudinal and latitudinal directions.

Single Pan Roofing Tile

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