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What accreditations do Leeds & District Roofing LTD have

Updated: May 23, 2023

We are proud members of NRFC, when you are a member of NRFC, you can self-certify all new roofs. We are allowed to self-certify pitched and flat roofs.

Trusted roofers in Leeds

When you become a member of NRFC, all roofs have to be done to a BBA standard. We have spot checks when we are self-certifying new roofs and if you do not meet these standards you will be removed from working with the NRFC. The main benefit is our customers can rest assured that their new roof will be done to the correct specifications.

The NFRC is known throughout the sector to be leading the way in terms of technical quality. We have dedicated technical officers, a vast technical library and hold regular seminars to keep abreast of developments.

We are also members of Trust a trader

We have been members of Trust a trader for many years now and this company also carries out spot checks on Leeds & District roofing LTD to make sure all work is done to a high standard

Is it best to use a company from the NRFC?

Yes, it is best as you know you are dealing with an accredited company. NRFC also makes us give insurance back guarantee with all our work, which is always beneficial to our customers.

If I have a complaint, where do I go

If you have any complaints about our work you should first bring this to our attention. We are always here to help and we will do our best to solve any problem you have. If this problem cannot be solved, you can contact the NRFC to solve the problem for you.

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