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When is the best time to replace my roof

The optimal time to replace a roof is before it begins to cause interior damage. If your roof leaks every time it rains, it is a good idea to begin obtaining estimates for a replacement. Most roofs can be repaired, but if you find yourself repairing an old roof every year, it may be more cost-effective to replace it. New roofs typically cost around £6000.00 to replace, and if it's costing you around £1000.00 per year to maintain it, I would recommend that you replace it. Summer is the ideal time to replace a roof because most roofing companies are less active.

How do I get a quote for a new roof?

Either Google or a referral from an acquaintance or family member is the best place to obtain a quotation for a new roof. Roofers will visit your residence to assess your roof and provide you with a comprehensive estimate. When Leeds & District Roofing LTD provides quotations we also add a method statement with it so our customers can see how the job will be done.

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Can i replace my roof in the winter?

We replace more roofs in December than any other month, In the summer months we don't get a lot of rain so people don't really need a roofer. When the winter months come, this is when roofs will start to leak and need replacing. So the answer to the question is, yes you can replace a roof in any month of the year

Do i have to move out when i replace my roof?

No, you can still live in your home when the roof is being replaced. If you work from home there will be some noise so it might be a good idea to take a few days off. You can still go to work as needed and we will deal with replacing your roof.

Do i need to empty my attic when my roof is replaced?

No, if you have any valuables in your attic i would suggest removing them but most things can be left in your attic. When you replace a roof you have to upgrade the insulation in the roof space and if this is needed you will have to remove the stuff in your loft.

Do i need to pay a deposit before my roof is replaced?

No, we do not accept deposits on new roofs. We take payments in full when the job is complete. We only ask for payment when our customers a happy the new roof is fitted to the highest standard.

Do i get a choice of what my new will look like?

Yes, when we carry out a quotation we will talk you through all the materials that a suitable for your new roof.


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