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Summertime - A Great Opportunity For Roof Repairs

Updated: May 31, 2023

We’ve just welcomed the start of August so we’re well into the summer months now - which means lots of lovely sunshine and warmer temperatures, perfect for getting out and about in the countryside.

However, as much fun as this time of year can be, it also represents the perfect opportunity to get some work done at home, as well. It’s a lot easier to carry out maintenance jobs when the weather is nice and getting a jump start on it now means that your property will be ready to withstand what the winter months have to throw at it.

When it comes to roof repairs, summertime is the best time of all to get work done. Colder weather can really hinder progress and it can make roofing materials more brittle, so they’re harder to lay down.

Cracks can also form in freezing temperaturesm, while materials can be affected by snow, ice, defrosting, and refreezing… all of which will end up costing you time and money, so aiming for warmer weather could prove beneficial for all.

If you’re not sure whether your roof needs some TLC or not, take a look to see if you can see any signs of damage or potential issues about to appear. Regular checks can help you spot problems before they become insurmountable.

Common signs to look out for include leaks in the loft space, rotting underlay, mould and moss growth, loose, cracked, or missing tiles, sagging, and light coming into the attic through the roof itself.

If you think you need further help or advice relating to roofing in the Leeds area, get in touch with the team here at Leeds & District Roofing Services today.

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